HR Policies and Guidelines


  • All employees are required to present their enrolled fingerprint in the Biometric Terminals every time they go in and out of the campus.
  • In cases when an employee’s fingerprint is not recognized by the Biometric Terminals, he must immediately proceed to the HRD to log his time entry in the HRD Attendance Logbook and to re-enroll his fingerprints
  • The HRD shall provide full-time employees with an automated timekeeping report every 16th and 1st day of the month.
  • Other than system error, an employee shall be allowed two (2) timekeeping corrections each month. If he exceeds this, other errors are subject to subject to salary deduction.
  • The HRD shall accommodate timekeeping corrections due to incomplete entries within two days upon receipt of the automated timekeeping report. Corrections made beyond the specified schedule shall not be accommodated, hence subject to salary deduction.
  • The HRD shall only accept timekeeping corrections with complete signatures of proper authorities such as the area chairman/subject coordinator and department/division head.


  • Overtime services shall have prior authorization from the Department and Division Heads at least one (1) working day before the scheduled overtime.
  • Approval for overtime services shall only be valid for the day indicated in the rendered above and beyond the indicated hours shall not be counted in the computation of overtime pay.
  • The minimum chargeable overtime services per day shall be one (1) hour. Fractions of less than one (1) hour each day shall not be accumulated then used as basis for claims to overtime pay.
  • Other than system error, an employee shall be allowed two (2) timekeeping corrections each month. If he exceeds this, other errors are subject to subject to salary deduction.
  • Overtime pay shall be computed at the employee’s basic salary per hour, in the manner and rates provided for by laws and collective bargaining agreement.
  • Approved Overtime Request and Accomplishment Report Form shall be submitted to the Treasurer’s office for payroll purposes not later than one (1) month from the time the service was rendered. Overtime report submitted beyond the schedule shall not be considered for payroll.


  • HRD Office shall monitor the classroom attendance of the faculty member based on the class schedule submitted by the Dean’s office.
  • The faculty member’s attendance shall be based on his/her physical presence in the classroom.
  • A faculty member who was not able to meet his class, unless due to official reasons, shall be marked absent. If the absence was due to an official function, such as faculty meeting, the faculty member shall fill-out the Faculty Excuse Slip duly signed by the Area Chairman and the Dean/Assistant Dean.
  • The faculty shall be immediately notified of his absence for verification.
  • The faculty member is required to conduct a make-up class for each class missed during his/her absence. Make-up classes must be conducted independently for each class and no merging of make-up classes will be allowed.
  • Faculty member who verifies his absence, whether excused or unexcused shall be required to conduct a make-up class for each missed session within (2) weeks from the date of his/her absence.


  • With the exception of sick leave, all other leaves shall be subject to prior authorization and approval of the Department Head.
  • In case of sudden illness or urgent family need which prevents an employee from writing a notice of absence, a telephone call or any other possible means of communication to the department head shall continue compliance with the Prior Authorization Requirement.
  • Absences in excess of three (3) working days without prior authorization or notification shall considered absence without official leave. Absences without leave are subject to salary deduction and disciplinary sanctions.
  • Abandonment is the severance of the employer-employee relationship by the employee without approval of the employer. Continuous absence without authorized leave exceeding fifteen (15) days shall be considered abandonment of duty regardless of the reason for which the absence incurred.
  • Leaves taken when application for leave been denied, or taken for valid reasons but are not covered by a properly accomplished leave form are considered unauthorized. Unauthorized leaves are not chargeable against leave credits. They are without pay and subject to disciplinary sanctions.



  • Only permanent employees (non-academic) and those who rendered at least one year of service (faculty members) are entitled for off-campus seminars.
  • Off-campus seminar request must be aligned and are directly related to the nature of the job.
  • All requests for off-campus seminars shall be covered by Seminar/ Workshop/Conference Form. Only seminars, workshops and conferences that will help develop the knowledge, skills and competencies to perform effectively their current positions shall be allowed.
  • SWC forms shall be processed at least two weeks before the actual date of the activity. In the event that invitation for off-campus seminar came late, participant will shoulder the expenses and subject for reimbursement provided there is an allocated budget and the request has been approved by the Rector and President.
  • Upon completion of the off-campus seminar, employees who attended off-campus activities shall be given five (5) working days to submit a Post Training Report to the HRD. Failure to comply with the said requirement shall mean non-credit of the activity and denial of financial subsidy for future activities.
  • The employee shall conduct an echo seminar in coordination with his department head and with the HRD.


  • Secure SWC form from the HRD office.
  • Request for the department/division head’s approval.
  • Return the approved request together with the invitation to the HRD office c/o the Training and Development Officer (TDO). The HRD’s endorsement is to verify the qualification of the applicant based on the policies.
  • The TDO will verify and process the request to the Financial Affairs Division (FAD) for budgetary requirement and to the Office of the Rector and President for final approval.
  • Approved SWC will be returned to the requesting department for cash advance requisition.
  • Employee shall submit a Post-Training-Report (PTR) to the HRD within five (5) working days including a copy of certificate of attendance (for authentication).
  • The employee must echo the seminar to his respective department/area within a month in coordination with the department head and TDO.